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Florida Real Estate Continuing Education( 14 Hour )

Our Florida 14 Hour Continuing Education course includes the 3-Hour Core Law, 3-Hour Ethics, and 8-Hour Specialty Credit requirement for real estate sales associates and brokers. This title is all you need to fulfill the state requirements of 14 hours continuing education course. As part of our line of exam prep products, this course combines lessons that students can review at their own pace, and exams that measure student understanding of the material. Take this course from the comfort of your house.

Florida Real Estate License First Renewal

Prior to Florida Real Estate License first expiration date, a Real Estate Licensee will need to complete a Post License Education to maintain the license. It is very important to fulfill the Post License Education requirement on time. Failing to do so, will automatically make the license null and void.

Florida Real Estate License Second Renewal and Up

Starting the second renewal, a Florida Real Estate Licensee will need to complete the 14 Hour Real Estate Continuing Education every two years. Failing to complete the 14 Hour Continuing Education Requirement on time, will make the license Involuntary Inactive and the Licensee will not be able to practice real estate.

Involuntary Inactive License

A real estate license will automatically become involuntary inactive and a license will not be able to practice real estate if the 14 Hour Continuing Education Requirement is not completed on time. There are three possible scenarios:

  1. If a license has been involuntarily inactive for 1-12 months, the Licensee will need to complete the 14 Hour Continuing Education course and pay an additional late fee.
  2. If a license has been involuntarily inactive for 13-24 months, the Licensee must complete a 28 Hour License Reactivation course and pay a late renewal fee.
  3. If a license has been involuntarily inactive for more than 24 months, the License will become null & void. The Licensee will have to retake the 63 Hour Sales Associate Pre-License course and pass the State Exam again in order to obtain an Active Real Estate License.

The Online Florida 14 Hour Florida Real Estate Continuing Education Course includes:

  • FREC Approved Course and final exam
  • Electronic submission of completion to the state
  • Licensed instructor to answer course questions
  • Tech support for any computer issues
  • Personalized diploma suitable for framing

Customer Support:  (877) 331-6235  or Contact us by Email

If we can assist you with Technical Support, General License Inquiries or Questions about Course Material please contact us.

Questions about course material: An Instructor is available 7 days a week 9am-7pm (EST)

Technical Support or any other questions: Our office staff are available 7 days a week 9am-7pm (EST)

*Except Major Holidays

Course Duration

The course is active for six months from the date of purchase. Extensions are available for purchase. Please call our office for information.

Course Exam Information

Answer Each Question In Order: You cannot close out or use the back or previous button. The best way to prepare for the final exam is to take the practice exam multiple times. Each time you will get your score right away, and you will be able to review all questions.

Free Practice Exam

This program is designed to test your real estate knowledge and to help you prepare to pass the end of course exam the first time. It is a user-friendly system designed to assist you in your quest to become a licensed real estate professional. Our questions are similar to the questions you will need to answer when you sit for your end of course exam. By taking these quizzes you will become better prepared to pass your end of course exam the first time.

End of Course Certificate

Once you pass your end of course exam with a passing score of 80% or better, we will send a free copy of your certificate of completion. We will notify the state electronically within 24 hours of your completion. All that you will need to do in order to renew your license is to pay the renewal fee to the state commission.

30 Day Limited Money Back Guarantee Policy

If you decide you're not 100% satisfied within the First 30 Days of your initial purchase simply contact us by phone and you'll receive a full refund of your purchase price.  If the final exam has been taken a refund cannot be issued.  The Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Master and the Florida Exam Prep Math, if purchased separately are not refundable. 

Don’t procrastinate and put your Florida real estate license at risk!

To maintain your real estate license, all licensees must comply with post-licensing requirements or continuing education requirements and pay the necessary renewal fees.  This also applies to those licensees with a suspended license. If your required education is not complete and/or reported, you will NOT be able to renew your license.

License Renewal Process

To renew your license, the state requires proof of your education completion, and you must pay a renewal fee:

Education Submission

Your completion date is the date that you pass the end-of-course exam. To be considered on-time, courses must be completed at or before 11:59 pm EST the day of the renewal deadline.

Once you have completed your course, we will automatically submit your information to the state electronically.

Pay Your Renewal Fee to the State

You can pay your renewal fee in three ways:

Online: Log in to your DBPR Online Services Account. You will be asked for your User ID and PIN. Your User ID can be found by searching with your license number. If you have not already changed your PIN, it may be the last four digits of your social security number.

Phone: DBPR (850) 487-1395

Mail: If you have your renewal notice from the state, you can return it with a payment.