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NYS Real Estate Practice Exam for Brokers

At MLS Campus, we have prepared a vast database of current NYS real estate license exam questions to test your knowledge of your NY Broker Pre License Course and fully prepare you to take your NY real estate exam.

Study your NY real estate exam practice online from any device and location. Practice from the comfort of your own home or your favorite coffee shop. Our friendly support team and licensed instructors are here to help you too! So, if you have any questions or need any advice, please get in touch with us.

NYS Real Estate License Exam Questions

Our question bank contains almost 4,000 NYS real estate license exam questions to test you fully on areas such as NY Licensing Law, Agency Law, Brokerage Operations, Ethics and Fair Housing, Construction and Development, Investing, Business Law and much, much more!

Once you have dedicated time to complete your real estate exam practice on your interactive online learning portal, you will feel fully confident when stepping into your New York real estate broker exam.

Practice makes Perfect!

Why Do Real Estate Brokers Study?

It is true that the broker course will cover some of the same topics that are within the 77 hour salesperson course. However, if you are looking to upgrade to a broker’s license, you will need to learn so much more to run your own brokerage, manage sales staff, and ensure you and your sales team stay compliant with the law and regulations. You will learn about real estate law as it applies to operating a brokerage, as well as property management, business law, employee and contractor relationships and more.

Is the Broker Test Hard?

Some students will find the broker exam harder than others. It is important to spend a little time focusing on areas and topics that you find difficult. That’s why taking additional time to work through the NYS real estate license exam questions can really make the difference. As well as giving you an idea of how your real estate state exam questions may appear, working through the real estate license test will also highlight areas and topics that you need to focus more time on, as well as showing you what topics and areas you are comfortable with, which will give you that extra confidence boost! Once you feel that you have mastered all the topics in your course and your NY real estate exam practice, you are ready to take your state exam.

Are you struggling with real estate mathematics and are looking for an extra preparation guide? Please take a look at our Math Cram Course for NY Brokers

How Do I Practice for The Real Estate Exam?

The best way to practice for your real estate exam is to prepare a study plan and allocate plenty of time to learn each topic. NY real estate practice exams are a helpful tool to highlight your strengths and pinpoint what topics you should focus more time on. You can then create an effective study plan prioritizing the topics that you are finding difficult.

We advise that you set aside at least one hour, two or three times a week to review each broker exam topic. Remember to dedicate a little more time to the NY real estate exam practice topics that you find more challenging.

As well as learning the material covered in your broker course, it is important that you spend additional time answering NYS real estate license exam questions and taking full-length real estate license tests. You will memorize important information quicker and learn how you will be tested on your state exam.

We strongly advise you to achieve 80% consistently on your real estate practice exams before scheduling your state examination.

How Many Questions Are On The NY Broker Exam?

There are 75 questions in total on the NY broker exam. In order to pass your real estate exam, you must answer a minimum

of 70% of the questions correctly.

View your eAccessNY account to check if you have passed.

You are allowed a total of 2.5 hours to complete your exam.

What Is On The Real Estate Brokers Exam?

The New York Real Estate Brokers Exam is multiple choice and based on the 120-hour pre-licensing curriculum. The exam will cover topics in the 75 Hour Salesperson and 45 Hour Broker Courses.

For more information on the examination process, scoring process and exam site policies, please follow the link to the NYDOS https://dos.ny.gov/real-estate-broker

How Many Attempts Am I Allowed for The NY Real Estate State Exam?

Don’t panic if you fail the exam! You can schedule another exam through your eAccessNY account.

It is important that you review your practice exams and course material before taking the exam a second time.

Scheduling Your Real Estate Broker Exam in NY

To schedule your NYS Real Estate Broker Exam, you must have an account on eAccessNY.

Go to the eAccessNY. overview page, and click on “Create my Account.” You can then schedule your NYS Real Estate Broker Exam.

You can only schedule your NYS Real Estate Exam online. You must then take your exam at one of the allocated exam locations. (see below)

NYS Real Estate Exam Locations

Please follow the link to the NY Department of State website, where you will find a list of the NYS Real Estate Exam locations;


What is the Best NY Real Estate Exam Practice?

At MLS Campus, we are dedicated to offering you the very best real estate courses online. Our courses are developed to help you study at your own pace and in your own time.

You will get;

  • 24/7 Access to your online real estate courses for 6 months. (extensions are available)
  • Unlimited NYS real estate exam practice to fully prepare for your state license exam
  • Current NYS real estate license exam questions
  • Experienced Instructor Support 7 days a week
  • All our study material is current and up to date
  • Access your interactive online portal from any location and any device.
  • Learn in your own time, at your own pace

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The course is active for six months from the date of purchase. We offer the 7th month for free if needed. If your course has been active for 7 months or more, you can purchase one-month extensions. it is possible to have the course extended up to one year by purchasing monthly extensions online.

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