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MLS Campus - FAQs

Q. Is MLS Campus Real Estate School licensed?
  1. A. MLS Campus is owned and operated by MLS CAMPUS Inc. Our Real Estate School is accredited in Florida, Kansas, New York and Virginia
Q. Which real estate license do I need?
Q. I live out of state. Can I take this class and take the state license exam?
Q. What are the differences between pre and post license courses?
Q. Why are the prices of your real estate courses so much lower than other schools?
Q. What are the advantages of taking online real estate classes?
Q. How long do I have to finish my real estate course?
Q. What device/s can I use to access my course, and is there anything I need to download, flash, videos etc?
Q. I am having trouble registering; it says my email is already in use or my courses are not showing up when I login. What should I do?
Q. Do your courses come in audio format?
Q. I purchased the basic package and I have decided I want to add the exam prep and/or math prep what are my options?
Q. I finished the course reading assignments, how many times can I take the practice exam?
Q. How can I be better prepared to pass the course exam on my first try?
Q. I failed the course exam what are my options?
Q. Which real estate license course do I need to take?
Q. How long does it take to become a licensed real estate agent?
Q. What if I finish the course in under the designated amount of hours?
Q. How can I get into my online courses?
Q. When do I have to renew my real estate license?
Q. Do you offer classroom instructor-based classes?
Q. Which State has the most reciprocity for a real estate license?


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