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Florida Real Estate Post License Requirements

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Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Post License Requirements 

Don’t procrastinate and put your Florida real estate license at risk!

Don’t Procrastinate Post License Course

To maintain your real estate license, you must comply with post-licensing requirements set out by the Florida Real Estate Commission and pay the necessary renewal fees to the DBPR.  This also applies to licensees with a suspended license. 

If your required post licensing real estate education has not been completed and/or reported, you will NOT be able to renew your license.

The Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) rules, require anyone with a Florida Real Estate Sale Associate License, complete a FREC Approved 45 Hour Sales Associate Post License Course, prior to their first renewal deadline. There is no grace period.

To check your license expiry date, click here 

45 Hour Post Licensing, Florida - Education Requirements

A requisite of Florida State is that every real estate licensee, that has obtained their license as a sales associate, continue their real estate license education, by taking the mandatory 45 Hour Sales Associate Post License Course. The course must be completed by each licensee, before their first initial license renewal, which would be either on March 31st, or September 30th, between 18 months and 2 years after the date of their initial license date. Florida state sets this education requirement, as working as a real estate professional, means an agent is required to possess a large amount of knowledge pertaining to the real estate industry, which is demanding for a person to learn on their first 63 Hour Pre License Sales Associate Course, in all its entirety. It is advantageous for a sales associate to begin their course as soon as possible, as it will help educate them on the skills they need to develop, in order to work adequately with both buyers, and sellers, and to prospect for new customers.

Complete the Florida 45 Hour Post License Course

MLS Campus’s Florida Real Estate 45 Hour Sales Associate Post License Course is FREC Approved. The course is designed by the FREC to go beyond the principles of Real Estate that were taught in your Pre-License course and give you the real-world application skills that will enhance your ability to be successful out in the real estate market. The sooner you acquire these skills which include marketing techniques, listing acquisition, and helpful tips for buyers and sellers, the faster you will be able to build a solid base and experience greater success.

The course covers topics, such as license law, general real estate law, and real estate principles and practice. Post-Licensing Education for Real Estate Sales Associates also contains practical training information about business planning, time management, prospecting, and contract preparation.

We are with you throughout every step of your course. If you have any questions you can contact our student support team on (877) 331-6235, 7 days a week, between 9am and 7pm (EST) and also by email: 

Complete your 45 Hour Post Licensing Florida Exam Online

MLS Campus provides you with a free Florida real estate practice test, to help you prepare yourself for your end of course exam. You can take the post license real estate practice test as many times as you need, until you feel confident to start your end of course exam.

Your post license exam consists of 100 questions, to test your knowledge of the course material. You will need a passing grade of 75% or more, to pass the 45 hour post license course.

Once you begin your course, you will be timed. You have 3 hours to complete your exam.

Once you have passed your exam, MLS Campus will automatically notify the DBPR that you have completed your post license education requirements.

What happens if a student fails the post license exam?

If you fail the end of course exam, you have two options. The first option is to wait 30 days from the date you took your exam, to take a second attempt at the end of course exam.

The second option is to take the 45 Hour Sales Associate Post License Course again, so if you are getting close to your license renewal deadline, you will not need to wait the 30 days.

We offer both options for free. If you want to retake your course, please contact us

How to Renew Your Real Estate License with the DBPR

You must also renew your license with the DBPR. You can renew your license online, and pay your renewal fee, by visiting the DBPR Website.

For further information, and a step by step guide to creating your online account with the DBPR, please follow the link – 

Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) Post and Continuing Education Monitoring Database

Failure to Complete Sales Associates Post License Requirements

If you do not complete your 45 Hours of Post License Real Estate Training your license becomes void, and you have to retake the 63 Hour Pre License Sales Associate Course, pass its exam, and retake the state exam.  In effect, you have to start from scratch.

Don’t procrastinate and put your Florida real estate license at risk! Start your 45 Hour Sales Associate Post License Course today!

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